EchoTool - Echo client and server

Version: 1.5 (20. November 2007)

Command line echo server and client for Windows. This tool is designed according to RFC 862 specification for Echo protocol. It can operate as a echo server that sends back every incoming data. In client mode, it sends data to the server and checks whether they came back. This is a useful debugging tool for application development or network throughput checks. Application is written in C# and source codes is provided.
  • Server mode
  • Client mode
  • TCP and UDP protocol support
  • Selectable destination and source port
  • Selectable timeout
  • Selectable echo pattern
  • Just one file
For server mode listening on UDP port 4578 run following command
C:\EchoTool> echotool /p udp /s 4578
On client machine run this
C:\EchoTool> echotool /p udp /r 4578
You can specify outgoing local port by /l switch
C:\EchoTool> echotool /p udp /r 4578 /l 8976
Number of attempts and timeouts can be set by /n and /t switch
C:\EchoTool> echotool /p udp /r 4578 /l 8976 /n 100 /t 10

Use your own echo pattern with /d switch
C:\EchoTool> echotool /p udp /r 4578 /d Hello
Download stand alone executable
echotool.exe [30 Kb]

Download sources for Visual Studio 2008

!!! You will need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher !!!
pavel [at]

Echo server
Echo server mode

Echo client
Echo client mode