Digi XBee modules I’m using for my robotic vehicle and other cool stuff are absolutely perfect. It has just one little problem, they don’t fit into bread board or other 2.54 mm (0.1”) sockets. Luckily the adaptor board is not so hard to build

XBee adaptor board 320x240 Figure 1: XBee adaptor board

Creating the PCB

There is nothing special about the PCB, it’s simple adaptor board that converts 2 mm socket block to 2.54 socket block. Figure 2 shows the PCB design. Scheme in CAD software DWG format and PDF format are available to download. Print it in 1:1 ratio to get exact size. The best way is to go with DWG True View, which is a free to download DWG file viewer from Autodesk. The pins are made from pins ladder, where one of the plastic sleeve was removed.

XBee adaptor board PCB 220x200 Figure 2: XBee adaptor board

Parts list:

XBee adaptor board details 560x240 Figure 3: XBee adaptor board details

XBee adaptor - breadboard 640x480 Figure 4: XBee adaptor board in breadboard