Well well, so it’s here. Today when I ‘am celebrating my 27th birthday, writing first blog post into my new blog. I believe that other posts will be here sooner than my next birthday. This blog should be more or less technical, focusing on things I ‘am interested in or those I challenging in my coder’s live.

Why I ‘am starting blogging at all?

Hmmm, I had this idea before but never had a time (or at least I pretend it) to code the blog engine and start blogging. Yes yes, there are lots of blog engines and blogging sites around. But once you are coder, you are to proud to use something prefabricated, that every one can use. So back to the topic. Publishing minds and results of inventing is (or should be) standard part of the engineers live. Every day someone else’s blog or web site helping me with my technical problems. Mostly it’s just the “right direction showing”, but it’s enough to get out of the blind way. I don’t want to be just the passive user. No more.

Last month I was in Berlin where European part of the MEDC 2007 was held this year. It was great conference for all mobile and embedded developers. Surprisingly lot’s of speakers has their own technical blogs where they post most of their thoughts that they summarize into books or conference talks later. In my opinion technical blog helps you to be well recognized specialist or enthusiast in specific area. Long story short, MEDC visit was the last drop that make me start my own blog.

Posts in this blog will be in English and Czech. I spent some time deciding what is the best language to blog. Czech is fine, it’s my native language and there are lot’s of good Czech blogs around. On the other hand, as I mentioned above in the text, I want my blog to help other peoples - same as their blogs helps to me. I ‘am happy for all Greek, Spanish, India and other bloggers who blogs in English and makes their posts to have wider impact. Thats why I will write most of my technical posts in English.

Last thing I need to done is the support for comments under the posts. So check back soon and I ‘am going to code the comments.